SecurityGen listed “Top 10 vendors for 2023” at Rocco Vendor Innovators

SecurityGen earned a coveted spot in the prestigious "Top 10 Vendors to Watch in 2023" report by ROCCO. Recognized as a leading publication in the telecom industry, the report highlights 10 vendors across various telecommunications niches who have made a significant impact based on exceptional customer ratings. The report goes beyond evaluating vendor performance and prospects. It focuses on the future, highlighting the impact of digital transformation, such as Chat GPT or CPaaS. Strategic thinking is at the core of our discussions. For those in Wholesale Roaming, Interconnect, Messaging, or Fraud and Security, they year 2023 holds immense potential. The ROCCO Annual report offers an overview of 2022 and predictions for the 2023, providing personalized insights to guide operators in decision-making with regards to telco security.