05 December 2022
SecurityGen forges strategic partnership with Network Intelligence to strengthen the security of 5G and cloud-based infrastructures
Partnership reaffirms SecurityGen’s commitment to providing best-in-class cybersecurity solutions for 5G networks.
Rome, Italy – 5 December 2022 - SecurityGen, the award-winning global provider of security solutions and services for the telecoms industry, has today announced a partnership with Network Intelligence, a New York based global cybersecurity services provider.

The partnership will see SecurityGen combine its deep telecom security expertise with Network Intelligence’s widespread cybersecurity capabilities across critical infrastructure and cloud security solutions to enhance engineering, servicing, and delivery capabilities around 5G transformations.

The partnership will strengthen and accelerate SecurityGen’s footprint covering protection of 5G and cloud-based infrastructures. The news marks an important stage in SecurityGen’s development as it aims to protect mobile operators and network owners from the new and severe security challenges that have emerged with the digitalization, wider adoption of IT-technologies and final arrival of 5G, resulting in the ever-increasing complexities of mobile networks being exploited by range of adversaries.

Founded in early 2022 by four partners, its centrepiece solution is the ACE platform, the first wholly automated breach and attack simulation platform that is purpose-built for securing mobile networks. Commenting on the partnership, SecurityGen co-founder and CEO Amit Nath said: “In Network Intelligence, we have found a partner that will strengthen our capabilities and ensure that we offer the best solutions to the 5G cybersecurity issues and challenges that mobile network operators face around the globe.”

“Network Intelligence is an internationally known organisation with proven expertise in delivering best-in-class enterprise cybersecurity services to global customers. We are delighted to enter this partnership supported by a business with such a wealth of experience and knowledge.” Amit added, “As a leading telecom security firm, we have always been focused on enhancing our capabilities to serve our MNO customers better and faster. Our ACE platform innovation and now this strategic alliance all reinforce our singular focus on becoming trusted MNO partner in their 5G transformation journeys.”

Mr. KK Mookhey, Founder & CEO at Network Intelligence, said:

“The telecom industry has always been a prime target of cyberattacks. With rapidly increasing interconnectedness, global 5G adoption, and the fastening pace of digital transformation, telecom companies are at higher risk than ever. This requires a collaborative approach to address these risks and we are glad to partner with an end-to-end telecom network security solutions provider such as SecurityGen”

About Network Intelligence:
Network Intelligence, incorporated in 2001, is a committed and well-recognized provider of services, solutions and products in the cybersecurity space. Our team of over 550 professionals have made a mark for themselves with highly satisfied clients all across the globe supported by our offices in the New York, Amsterdam, Dubai Mumbai and Singapore. With a strong focus on research and innovation, we have built strong capability around Big Data for Security Analytics, Red Team Assessments, Incident Response, and Security Automation. https://www.niiconsulting.com/
About SecurityGen
Founded in 2022, SecurityGen is a global company focused on telecom security. We deliver a solid security foundation to drive secure telecom digital transformations and ensure safe and robust network operations. Our extensive product and service portfolio provides complete protection against existing and advanced telecom security threats.
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