In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) face a significant challenge: up to 80% struggle to detect attacks on their infrastructure1. With losses from fraud and security incidents projected to reach $45 billion by 2025, there's an urgent need to delve deeper into the telecom domain to understand the underlying issues2.

The integration of IT technologies into telecom infrastructure adds complexity. MITRE's 5G Hierarchy of Threats identifies at least 86 techniques adversaries can use to exploit 5G. With such an expanded attack surface and vulnerabilities in legacy and LTE networks, traditional security approaches fall short. The escalating threat landscape and persistent cyber skill shortage demand a new, strategic security approach – Threat- Informed Defense for Telcos

What is Threat Intelligence?

At the core of the Threat-Informed Defense approach lies Threat Intelligence. This invaluable resource empowers organizations to construct targeted defenses against real, relevant, and high-priority threats.

Threat Intelligence provides detailed, processed, and actionable information crucial for preventing, detecting, and responding swiftly to cyberattacks. By leveraging this intelligence, organizations gain comprehensive insights into threats, tactics, and potential impacts, enabling proactive vulnerability mitigation.

How SecurityGen's Threat Intelligence Platform Works?

SecurityGen's Threat-Informed Defense approach harnesses threat intelligence to deploy effective defenses for telecom infrastructure. Our platform aggregates comprehensive threat data from diverse sources, including internal research, incident analysis, and vulnerability assessments. This forms the foundation of our solution stack, enabling us to identify, prioritize, and fortify defenses against pertinent threats.

Key features include:

SecurityGen’s comprehensive threat intelligence knowledge base spanning 5G, 4G, and legacy infrastructures helps:

  • Real-time detection of suspicious signalling activities and instant notification to mitigation systems.
  • Rapid response mechanisms to thwart attacks and mitigate damage.
  • Evaluation of system protection efficacy through breach and attack simulation exercises

SecurityGen's Threat-Informed Defense Approach offers a proactive and strategic stance against evolving cyber threats. By embracing threat intelligence and deploying tailored defenses, MNOs can enhance their security posture and effectively safeguard their infrastructure.

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